Author: Elysse

Digital Devices for Lanea and Alherin

For the last Atlantian Crown tournament, I found that my Laurel, Ollam Lanea, and her partner, Sir Alherin, did not have good digital versions of their devices. I’ve been really enjoying making digital versions of people’s heraldry, so obviously I had to make them both versions to use however they deemed appropriate.

The design for both of these depended on other artists: the original designer of Alherin’s shield (whom I am afraid I do not know by name), and mutual friend Svana who made a banner for Lanea.

Interkingdom Anthropology: Reign Data

And now, it’s time for some SCA data!

During the height of the pandemic in 2020, I started thinking about the average length of reigns, and how often folks reigned, for what should be obvious reasons (my thanks to all the Eternal Majesties of the Plague out there!). Out of curiosity and a love of spreadsheets, I started crunching some data.

This is the result! The data includes all reigns from the creation of each kingdom to March 2020 (so it doesn’t include reigns since then – the sovereigns were only counted if they were already on the throne as of March 2020). I’m presenting the data without interpretation; however, I’m happy to talk inferences and interpretation. Additionally, there are a few caveats that people should know: first, several kingdoms had reigns where either the crown or consort were unable to serve, so the number of individuals may not match. Second, if you wish to calculate total time on the throne, MOST reigns last 6 months; however, the West has three reigns a year, so they only last 4 months. Third, this doesn’t account for folks who ruled in multiple kingdoms.

Please be aware that I am only one fallible human, self-taught in spreadsheets, so there are likely some errors (especially as I did a lot of this late at night). If you find any errors, let me know and I’ll either correct the image or put a correction in the description (probably the latter, as it’s easier).

Please click on images to access larger sizes.

Collected Data


An Tir










Gleann Abhann