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New-To-Me Skills

For this competition, I entered items from a natural dyeing class I took in May 2019, a silversmithing class I took in June 2019, a fingerloop braiding class I took in July 2019, and a lyre I am still trying to complete (as of January 2020). Because these are all either from classes or small/unfinished items, I do not have individual posts for them. However, you can read about my next silversmithing exploits under my Spinner of Fate (Clotho) garb and my next dyeing adventure under the Great 2020 Dyeing Experiment, Part 1.

Knits for Rapunzel

In Spring/Summer 2019 my friend Adelaide decided it was finally time to tackle a project she’d been wanting to do: a genderbent, period-accurate outfit based on Disney’s Rapunzel. As a knitter, I immediately volunteered to knit her a flat cap and garters. I was not particularly good at taking photos of my work before passing it off to Adelaide, but luckily our friend Kaaren Valravn took an excellent photo of Adelaide in the garb this fall where the garters and hat are perfectly visible.

You can read all about Adelaide’s hard work here.