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Digital Devices for Lanea and Alherin

For the last Atlantian Crown tournament, I found that my Laurel, Ollam Lanea, and her partner, Sir Alherin, did not have good digital versions of their devices. I’ve been really enjoying making digital versions of people’s heraldry, so obviously I had to make them both versions to use however they deemed appropriate.

The design for both of these depended on other artists: the original designer of Alherin’s shield (whom I am afraid I do not know by name), and mutual friend Svana who made a banner for Lanea.

Digital Device for Esa

I like Esa. I like her device. Esa liked the version of my device that I made for my website header. So I made a digital version of her device for her as a surprise.

The fish is from a standing stone appropriate to her time and location, but I of course lost the information on it during the art process.